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Product Categories
 Bamboo Chairs and Stools 6
    Bamboo Folding Chairs 4
    Bamboo Director Chairs 0
    Bamboo Arm Chairs 1
    Bamboo Stools 0

 Bamboo Tables 6
    Bamboo Folding Coffee Tables 0
    Bamboo Nested Tables Sets 3
    Bamboo Telephone Tables 0
    Bamboo Console Tables 0
    Bamboo Folding Tables 0
    Bamboo Tray Tables 3
    Bamboo Side Tables 0

 Bamboo Benches 0

 Bamboo Table and Chair Sets 4

 Bamboo Tiki Bars 1

 Bamboo Wine bars and Holders 2

 Bamboo Ladders 2

 Bamboo Coat Racks 1

 Bamboo Mirrors 1

 Bamboo Placemats 0

 Bamboo Vases 0

 Bamboo Hampers 2

 Bamboo Shelves 2

 Bamboo Torches/Candles 0

 Bamboo Lampes 0
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