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Bamboo Mirror   #CCG474

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  • Bamboo Mirror ,Rattan Mirror,Cane Mirror,Mirror,Handicraft Mirror,Hotel Mirror,Bamboo Furniture,Rattan Furniture,Cane Furniture,Furniture,Hotel Furniture,Reproduction Furniture,Handicraft Furniture,Bedroom Furniture,Indoor Furniture,Outdoor Furniture;
  • Bamboo Mirror constructed with bamboo,it is both modern and contemporary in style;
  • Bamboo Mirror are elegant looking, durable for using, and easy to maintain,look natural,unique,stylish;
  • All the bamboo parts have been sanitized and disinfected under high temperatures,treated to protect termite,white ant,durable in dry condition;
  • The surface of the Bamboo Mirror is painted with oil so it can be easily cleaned with a brush, vacuum cleaner, or a cleaning rag,luxury glossy finish, In addition, due to its intrinsic nature, bamboo furniture is fresh in summer and warm in winter;
  • You can put this bar in the livingroom,Sittingroom,Bedroom etc;
  • Many colors available suitable for modern and classic place;
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